Adapted Lessons at Our Center

Using adapted methods to develop musical skills for children on the Autism spectrum or intellectual disabilities.

Child Centered

We are firm believers that meeting your child where they are and utilizing strengths is the best starting point for learning. Our music lessons reflect this view point. We find a way for your child to connect and make meaningful music!

Innovative Teaching Methods

Adaptive methods for music instruction may include teaching by rote, matching colors, letters, numbers, use of songs to help retain concepts, or use of nontraditional tunings. Many of our students use traditional music notation but need an instructor who “gets” their needs.

Two Way Communication

Your priorities and feedback for your child’s lessons are of utmost importance to us throughout the music instruction process. You will also receive weekly updates about each lesson.

Variety of Instruments

Adapted lessons are available for piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, and flute. Lessons are taught by a board-certified music therapist. Your child’s teacher will help determine which instrument is the most appropriate fit.

How do you adapt lessons to meet my child’s needs?

Here are a few examples:

(not an all inclusive list)

  • color/letter/number coding rather than using complex musical notation
  • alternate or simplified tuning for guitar
  • use of chord buddy for guitar
  • enlarged or simplified music to minimize distraction
  • highlighting music to aid with visual tracking
  • use of a picture schedule or checklist to structure the session and reduce frustration
  • focus on preferred songs and music genres to increase motivation
  • opportunities for sensory breaks or to engage in preferred music activities between more difficult musical tasks (singing, playing instruments, reading a singable story)

Many children with special needs show interest in learning an instrument but are not able to benefit from traditional music lessons. Sound Starts specializes in adapting instructional methods based on the child’s strengths and learning style. 

What are some benefits of music lessons?

  • Raised self esteem
  • Increased ability to complete tasks
  • A more positive mood
  • Improved Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Improved Fine Motor Planning
  • Improved Ocular Motor Skills
  • Improved Auditory Processing
  • Hand Stabilization/Finger Isolation
  • Better Posture/Shoulder Strength
  • Improved Sensory Tolerance

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