Is there really only a week left until school starts?  That can’t be true! That being said, I am looking forward to resuming work with all the students who receive music therapy services in the school setting.  I have missed them, though I have also thoroughly enjoyed my summer!  At this point I am wondering if I will have enough time to complete a few non musical projects that have been in progress over these warm summer months.  I would love to finish my pinterest inspired “un” paper towels and complete two quilts (can you say BINDING!!).  Oh, and then there is my son’s diaper project.  We opted for cloth diapers when he was born – a great decision for our family.  However, over time the velcro and elastic wears out so I am faced with replacing those parts on 18 diapers before daycare starts again (on Monday, yikes!). Wish me luck.

Now for the unexpected adjustment…

Today I went to see a client who I have been working with for the past 5+ years.  His favorite instrument of ALL TIME is the guitar.  Hands down.  He was not feeling well today, and the moment I brought out the guitar he became very upset.  He did not want to hear it –  imagine my shock!  I had a few other instruments in my car, but my initial therapist instinct was to sing a capella and use his desk as a drum/rhythm instrument.  Within moments, he was back to himself, requesting and singing all his favorite songs with a smile and enthusiasm.  We had a great session.

This experience reminded me of two things:

1) We must always remain flexible.  Even when we think we are sure of a clients preferences of (5+ years!!), they can change, and we must be ready to adapt.

2) Other musical mediums are powerful too.  I tend to get locked into using guitar/visual aids/small percussion/movement as a format for therapy sessions with students with special needs.  There is nothing inherently wrong with that. But today I needed my only voice and a desk.  The end!