Child Care Presentation


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the evening with you sharing what music therapy is all about.  I am excited that you are interested in sharing music with the children for whom you care!  Below you will find the presentation handout and songs that I shared.

If you find this material helpful or have any questions comments, please give me a shout.  I would love to hear from you.


Music Matters (pdf version of the presentation handout)



Wave And Say Hello

Goodbye Song (See Ya Later Alligator)



Tootsie Wootsies

Sticky Bubble Gum

Shake My Sillies Out (link to YouTube video)


Three Bears Rap (pdf versions of lyrics)

Were Gonna Dance

Listen & Learn Music – The Shakin’ Song

Take A Little Love (and pass it on)

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See