The Band Experience for Students with Special Needs

Where middle and high schoolers with special needs make memories, develop community, and increase musical skills in a concert band setting.
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Does this sound familiar?

Your middle or high schooler loves band. He really loves music and wants to play, but the rigor of the band program paired with your child’s special needs makes it hard to keep up.

You imagine a program where your child can be successful and still get the “Texas band experience” that we’ve all either experienced for ourselves or heard others go on for days about.

Because students in traditional band programs are expected to read music at an accelerated pace, this poses a problem for your child because he either plays best by ear or needs processing time to read the music.

Maybe you have wished for a place where your child can move along at her own pace while making music. A place where the teachers can easily make accommodations and adaptations. Where you child experiences increased self-esteem and feelings of pride in his progress!

We’re Here to Help

We’ve listened to many parents just like you who are looking for a supplemental concert band program for their student who has special needs.

Our team of board certified music therapists has extensive training in working with a wide range of needs including Autism and intellectual disabilities. Combine that training with collaboration with local band teachers and you get the perfect opportunity for your child to make memories, develop community, and increase musical skills in a concert band setting.

Introducing The Band Experience

A Community Concert Band for Students with Special Needs
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Got Questions? We have answers.

All about The Band Experience
Our community band is a great way for middle school and high school students who have special needs to succeed and thrive in a concert band setting. Your child will be provided an environment that is encouraging to their musical talents and social goals.
Who is a good fit for the band?

The Community Band is designed for students with special needs who have a strong desire to more fully engage in a concert style band experience (This is not a rock band). Ideally, students in this program have already selected an instrument, are learning to read music at a very elementary level, OR have a strong ear and knack for reproducing sounds they hear.


6th-12th grade. This program is a good fit for middle and high school students who have special needs. Rising 6th graders are also welcome!

Date and Time

TBD – The Band Experience is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Cost is $60/month per student.

You will provide your payment information during the signup process. Your card will not be charged until the 7th of the month for the previous month’s classes (prorated in the first month only).

Charges are recurring and you may unenroll at any time. No refunds are available. Should you decide to unenroll, your spot will be yours until the end of that calendar month.

Where will classes be held?

At our Frisco center. Our address is 8380 Warren Parkway #701 Frisco, TX 75034. As the band grows, we will be looking to partner with a school or community center for a larger space.

Who will be leading the group?

The Band Experience will be lead by Music Therapist and Percussionist Tyler Smith. Read more about our team here.

What to Expect
Each week students will gather just as they would in a school band setting. Student peer volunteers will also be available to work closely with your student and to encourage his or her success. Adaptations may be made to your child’s favorite instrument or their sheet music in order to create a successful experience. Session will be an hour long.
How will the hour be broken up?
Band members will spend some time each rehearsal warming-up, preparing music, and engaging in musical games or activities to reinforce music theory skills and social interaction.  
Got More Questions?

We are always happy to speak with you personally. Get in touch at 469-443-6224 or send a message to

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A Community Concert Band for Students with Special Needs
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