Our clients grow bright and strong through music. We provide high quality music therapy and adapted music lessons for Autistic individuals and those with special needs.


Taking Ownership.

Experiencing Growth.

Supporting our Community.

Embracing Positivity.


We are center based.

Our clients can access an entire team of music therapists.

We have long lasting relationships with those we serve.


Taking Ownership

We have initiative, drive, and follow through. No hand holding. Each team member contributes to the overall vision and growth of our company. We surpass expectations by going the extra mile for our team and company.

Experiencing Growth

Our team is open to new experiences and being stretched in their skillset. We are always improving skills. We experience growth in our roles, in the clients we serve, and of the business itself.

Supporting our Community

We approach our work and relationships with collaboration, caring, understanding, and patience. Sound Starts is a place for community and excellent communication with team and clients.

Embracing Positivity

We have fun with our clients and our team! We acknowledge and process difficulties but also reframe to learn from those experiences. “The perfect circle” story – if you have the opportunity, ask to hear this story.

Want to Know More? Schedule Your Free Consultation

Getting to know you and your needs is important to us! We offer a free 30 minute consultation so that you can get to know us and make the best decision about the service that is right for you.