Fall Session Week 1

Hello Everyone! It was such a pleasure to have you join us on Saturday! Below you will find the songs that we sang and played during week 1.  Again, if there is a specific skill that you would like to see addressed, you can email me – mary@soundstartsmusic.com – at anytime.

Welcome to Music Time

Our greeting song is also found on our Music Therapy Kids blog here. http://www.musictherapykids.com/welcome-to-music-time-a-new-greeting-song/

Clap Your Hands

This one is a fun movement song!

Shaker Song

A Listen & Learn original. You can use toy instruments if you have them or make your own with medicine bottles/tupperware containers and some beans or rice!

Come on Let’s Drum

If you don’t have a drum, you can use pots and pans or anything that you can tap your hands on!

What is he doing?

Practice -ing verbs alone or practice using longer sentences. Picture prompts from class can be downloaded also or you can use pictures of your child!

Action pictures

Feelings by Hap Palmer

Feelings Pictures (download the visuals we used with the song)

Every Little Thing

This Bob Marley original has been adapted by his daughter Cedella. You can borrow it free from the public library!


Put the Scarf on Your Head

You can use any type of scarf or fabric you might have lying around at home for this tune.

Leader of the Band

Practice marching around. Taking turns.  Use this tune a cappella as you march around the house with instruments that you have or ones that you make!


This is how we said goodbye as our session concluded.

Can’t wait to see you in week 2!