Holiday Week 1

Hello Everyone!

For those of you who are not ready to put away your Halloween costumes yet, here are the songs from Week 1!

Hello to You!

Here is the Hello Song we will be singing as our opening greeting to each other. Don’t forget to turn to your neighbor and shake hands!

Dem Bones

Using rhythm sticks or any similar household item, you can practice playing loud, soft, fast, slow and stopping. Let’s click our sticks together like skeleton bones!

Dancing with Ghost Colors

We used colored Pac Man ghosts to identify colors and making them dance. You could also use colored scarves, hand towels or other solid colored items to dance with. I’ve also attached a sight word color version for our young readers.

Dancing Ghost Colors

Dancing Ghost Color Words

Spooky Singing

There was an Old Woman all Skin and Bones was sang using kazoos as a reinforcer on the ooo’s. Kazoos are not a requirement but just make the spooky story more exciting to hear… and BOO!

Also sang was Sing a Song for Halloween. I sadly had just discovered this song two nights prior to Halloween and am sad I did not get to use it all month! The original version and person I got this from can be found at . You can add and adapt the different sounds and Halloween themed creatures as necessary. An additional one I used but did not record was a Zombie ‘grrrr’ing. The possibilities are endless!

Jack-O-Lantern Faces

This activity demonstrates the different faces that can not only be seen on Jack-O-Lanterns but our own faces! You can practice making these faces yourselves with or without a mirror or create other faces to go along with the visuals I will attach. This song is simple and familiar enough to be easily adapt.

jack o latern faces

There’s a Spider on the Floor

Trying to find black spider rings the week of Halloween is nearly impossible! Luckily I had some colored spider rings as well as larger, friendly looking spider assistants. This song helps identify body parts in a fun way. You can use other bugs (preferably plastic) or toys around the house and adapt the lyrics as necessary. You could even add on other body parts and silly lyrics.


Piggybacking from In the Hall of the Mountain King, you can use a parachute, bed sheet or blanket while singing this one. Start soft in volume and slowly rattle or shake the parachute while slowly getting faster and louder. Create your own lyrics to this spooky song to add more Halloween cheer!

Spooky Sounds

Spooky sounds are all around… You can use different instruments or items around the house to create different spooky sound effects. Assign the instruments or items to a sound and have them listen for theirs to play… listen, beware!


Concluding with a goodbye song that includes different types of goodbyes being repeated back. Happy Halloween!!