All About Internship


We ♥ Interns!

Sound Starts currently offers National Roster Internship. To learn more about our internship program and how to apply, download these pdfs:  Intern Applicant Information Sheet and Sound Starts Internship Fact Sheet



**We are currently seeking applicants for internship beginning July 2022 and beyond.**

Sound Starts offers 4 internships opportunities each year:



Applications due July 1st the prior year




Applications due January 1st the prior year



Please note that Saturday is a required day of internship. Interns will always be given off Sunday plus one additional weekday. Hours are from 9am-6:30pm. On occasion, special events will require evening or weekend attendance.


What To Expect

If you are wondering what internship looks like, download this pdf to review expectations month by month: Intern Orientation and Internship Timeline



Reach out to our internship director Jorja Benjamin with any questions.