Meet my friend Letter Monster!

happy monster

He is a very friendly monster really.  He has a big smile on his face and as long as you feed him letters of the alphabet, he will happy and content.

I love pinterest, and I am always on the lookout for song and music activity inspiration.  From the moment I saw this super cute pin , I knew a song was brewing in the back of my mind!  I wrote a short tune and have been using it for months now.  The kids love “feeding” the monster and making “chomping” sounds when he eats a letter.  Most importantly, they are learning their letters!  You can make this song as easy or difficulty as needed by presenting as few or many letter choices as you like!  I usually start with 2 choices and make it harder as the child progresses.

Listen to the song:


Letter monster, letter monster, munch, munch, munch.
Letter monster wants to eat his lunch!
Give him the letter that I call out. A, A, all about!

Not only did I want to share the song I wrote, but you can also download the pdf visual aid as well. Letter Monster Visual

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