Music Therapy at Our Center

Using music to increase developmental skills for children on the Autism spectrum and intellectual disabilities.

For All Ages

Music therapy is available at our center for infants through young adults.


We have experience treating many different diagnoses including Autism and intellectual disabilities.


Goal Based

Music therapy can address a wide variety of developmental skills. We frequently help with communication, social, academic, emotional, and motor goals.

Innovative Music Strategies

Your child will experience a wide variety of songs and music activities created to meet specfic goals.


Parent Input

Your priorities and feedback for your child’s therapy are of utmost importance throughout treatment.

Creative Collaboration

Collaboration with other professionals who are working with your child helps us stay on the same page and supports a team oriented approach.

Wondering if music therapy is the right fit for your child?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

(not an all inclusive list)

1. Does the child increase eye contact when sung to?

2. Does music calm the child when she is upset?

3. Is your child drawn to videos or tv shows with musical elements?

4. Does your child memorize or sing nursery rhymes?

5. Does the child remember information presented in musical format (example: ABCs, Days of the Week)?

6. Have you heard or been told that the child will fill in words to familiar songs (example: Twinkle, Twinkle Little ____)?

7. Does she attend for longer periods of time when music is used?

8. Is she drawn to musical toys?

9. Does compliance increase when music is played or during singing or musical games?

10. Do aggressive behaviors decrease in response to musical activities or music being played?

11. Does your child sing or hum but has not been observed to speak or talk?

12. Does he seem to respond more quickly if directions are sung rather than spoken?

Were you able to answer “yes” to any of the questions above?  If so, your child or student responds to music and music therapy may be a good fit!


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