A brand new year.  A brand new start. Welcome to 2014!


Back in August I was so excited to get my blog off the ground.  I had a nice groove going and then wham, school started!  It turns out that two full-time jobs (three if you count my 18 month old – which I certainly do!) is more than enough to take up ALL of your time.  Blogging and social media in my life disappeared.

I am a goal setting enthusiast year round.  I absolutely love projects and list making AND getting to check off completed items.  Ask my husband – I am famous in our home for making lists and trying to do more than time will actually allow.

But I recognize that my private practice will benefit and grow from consistent blogging and engagement in social media so in the spirit of the new year, I have set a couple of goals that I would like to share.

  • Increase social media posting, specifically Facebook & Twitter, to a minimum of two times per week.  – This is huge for me.  I just signed up for a twitter account in November and am still learning how it works (waaaay behind, I know).
  • Publish a minimum of one new blog post per week.  – A couple of weeks ago, in an “idea exercise” I easily came up with 50+ post titles so I am super excited to build from there.


It is often said that a goal is just a dream until it is written down.  I am writing down these specific thoughts and sharing them in order to hold myself accountable (and you all can hold me accountable too!).

At this time I have no plans to give up previously mentioned full-time jobs so how to make room for these extras?

  • Batching – a great tip I recently heard on a marketing podcast.  Write up several posts in one sitting and then you are all set for a few weeks.
  • Physically schedule writing time into the calendar.  I already get up 3 days per week at 4:45am to workout so why not spend that same time the other 4 days meeting these goals?
  • Encouragement from friends, family, and colleagues appreciated!! Please share, like, tweet, etc. this and future posts here at Sound Starts Music Therapy!

Happy New Year!