Want to learn more about music therapy?

Interested in learning more about music therapy? Considering going back to school to further your career?  Are you a music therapy student who needs observation hours?

Process for observing music therapy sessions

Sound Starts Music receives many inquiries for observations and we are happy to accommodate you as time allows. We believe passionately in education and advocacy for the amazing profession of music therapy! The following will help to efficiently arrange an observation session.


Observations are available Monday-Saturday. Background check may or may not be necessary according to facility policies.

Not every client or facility has elected to allow outside observers so time slots will vary.

Allow up to 2 weeks to complete the scheduling process, especially if background checks are needed.

Please complete the following steps:

1. Download and complete the Observer Waiver and Confidentiality Form.

2. Complete the following information and attach scanned form.

Observer Information