Music Therapy for Older Adults

Using music to increase engagement and cognitive functioning as well as reduce depression, anxiety, and agitation at your facility.

Innovative Music Strategies

Our therapists utilize a wide vareity of music strategies.  Active music making, lyric analysis, and songwriting are a few techniques that music therapists can uniquely implement to help address needs of older adults.


Goal Based

Research suggests that music therapy can increase engagement and decrease depression, anxiety, and agitation in older adults with dementia. Music therapy can also temporarily increase cogitive functioning and increase quality of life.

Creative Collaboration

Collaboration with other professionals who are working at your facility and providing care for your residents helps us stay on the same page and supports a team oriented approach.

Did You Know?

the following information quoted from the Amercian Music Therapy Association

  • Music therapy reduces depression among older adults.
  • Music experiences can be structured to enhance social/emotional skills, to assist in recall and language skills and to decrease problem behaviors.
  • Music tasks can be used to assess cognitive ability in people with Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Music is effective in decreasing the frequency of agitated and aggressive behaviors for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias.
  • Individuals in the late stages of dementia respond to and interact with music.

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