Have you (or your children!) seen this adorable show on PBS?

We spent last week (our Spring Break) at Navarre Beach in Florida (between Pensacola and Destin if you need a reference).  The weather was definitely less than stellar.  In fact, it was fairly cold (35-60 degrees), especially for this Texan who enjoys the 100+ degree weather summer often brings to Dallas.

At any rate, we ended up spending more time inside than out, and my 21 month old son quickly tired of the few books and toys that we brought with us.  Enter TV time.  At home we simply do not have time to watch TV and honestly, Jaxon will only attend for 2-3 minutes at a time.

However, in looking for things to entertain him, we came across Peg + Cat.  I instantly fell in love with this show!  It is all about Peg + Cat’s adventures and solving problems that pop up along the way using math concepts.  The episode(s) I saw taught about measuring and adding +1 to a number.  Jaxon mostly pointed and said “caaat!”

My favorite part is the introductory song which has given me a new counting 1-10 song to use with my clients.  Watch it below!


Also, I love how Peg pulls out her ukelele after solving a problem and sings this jingle: “Problem solved. Problem solved.  We solved the problem.  Problem solved!”


I can certainly see myself using both songs in music therapy sessions! What do you think about Peg + Cat?? Leave a comment and let me know!