Sound Starts Attendance Policy

To reduce no-shows and cancellations, Sound Starts Music Therapy requires a 6-hour notice for any cancellation. Appointments canceled or within the 6-hour time frame or no-shows will be charged the FULL SESSION rate for EACH occurrence.

If your therapist is able, you may be offered the opportunity to reschedule. Please know that the opportunity to reschedule is limited by our team’s already very full schedule. The rescheduled session MUST occur within one week or cancellation fees (full cost of session) will still apply.

We know that sickness occurs; therefore, if you think that your child is sick the night before, please call or email us and give us notice so we may plan accordingly, and/or contact a family who is on standby for a makeup session or on a waiting list for an evaluation for services. 

In the event of an emergency or unexpected, unsafe weather conditions, you will be offered a makeup session. 

To that end, we require that a current credit card be placed on file at all times. This ensures that our clinicians will still receive payment in full for their time and service in preparation for the missed appointment. In the event of a cancellation with notice, we will make every effort to reschedule as we want your child to benefit from his/her sessions. 

If your child misses 3 consecutive weeks, we will make every attempt to hold that slot, but cannot guarantee this with an extended absence.

The staff at Sound Starts Music Therapy strives to meet the scheduling needs of every family. If your therapy time does not work for you, please let us know.

The Board of Health considers the following signs to indicate communicable disease/illness: Vomiting, Fever over 100 degrees, Diarrhea, Sore throat, Rash/Swelling, Red, or Running eyes. Please be sure your child is symptom free for 24 hours before resuming therapy or lessons. Please note that if you bring your child to therapy or lessons and he/she exhibits any of the above symptoms, it is at the therapist’s discretion to send them home in order to protect themselves and our other clients from infectious illness.