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Pricing and Next Steps
Intake Paperwork

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Options for Individuals:

  • During initial intake you may provide your credit card information securely and select to autopay each month. Payments for this method will be drafted following services
  • If you do not elect to autopay, payment is expected at or before time of service. Some families choose to pay monthly or every other week to allow maximum session time for their child.
  • Any balance on an account will be applied to the following month.
  • Cash, check, and credit card are accepted.

Options for Facilities:

  • Typically an invoice is sent at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s services. Prompt payment is appreciated.

We Can Bill Insurance

Music therapists across the country ARE having success billing insurance companies for services.  The following information will help you navigate this process and decide if using insurance for music therapy services is right for you.

1. Intake paperwork. Schedule a complimentary consultation and complete the form at this link: Sound Starts Intake Paperwork. Fill out form and provide copy of drivers license and insurance card. Please note we are by appointment only. If you come to the center without an appointment, there may be no one available to assist you.

2. WE contact your insurance company. Sound Starts will make preliminary contact with your insurance company to check benefits. You may call if you wish, but many times insurance companies will simply say “no” when asked. This is often not correct.

3. Assessment. If there are no immediate reasons why we would not file, we will conduct a formal music therapy assessment.  This will be an out of pocket cost of $84 due at the time of assessment.  We will also obtain a prescription and letter of medical necessity from your child’s primary care provider.

4. Services will begin. Once the prescription and treatment plan have been signed by your doctor, services can begin. If your claim is denied, we will appeal it.

*You may begin services prior to us receiving your prescription and signed treatment plan. However, we cannot bill insurance for sessions that occur prior to the dates of these documents and will be considered private pay.*

5. Payment. You ultimately hold responsibility for payment in full if the insurance does not cover the service. To that end payment is expected at time of service until we begin receiving reimbursement from your insurance company. Once reimbursement begins, funds will be applied to your account. You may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

What you need to know:

  • Music therapists are always OUT-OF-NETWORK providers. You may have separate in-network and out-of-network deductibles.
  • Adapted music lessons are not covered by insurance.

We may choose NOT to file insurance if:

  • Coverage is an HMO (no out-of-network services covered).
  • Coverage is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield. They will not cover music therapy.
  • The out-of-network deductible is very high and music therapy is the only out-of-network provider you will see.
  • The co-pay is $40 per visit (the cost of a cash pay 30 minute music therapy session).
  • You have a limited number of speech/OT/PT visits. The billing codes music therapists use may fall under your existing rehabilitative and therapeutic benefits.  You may choose to save those visits for other therapies (typically more expensive) and pay out of pocket for music therapy

We will always let you know after initially contacting your insurance company so you can decide what you would like to do!

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