Have you checked out Music Therapy Kids? This is our blog and resource website.  It is the ultimate guide for using music as a parent, teacher, or therapist!

4Below you will also find some of my very favorite resources to use.  You can learn more about music therapy, explore music therapy practices across the country, and find preferred music and instruments for your child. I am not paid to link to these sites but have firsthand experience with each company and find their products or services to be of the highest quality.

Looking for Local Resources?

prosperity placeProsperity Place is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The primary purpose of Prosperity Place is to benefit children with special needs. Prosperity Place provides tools to families so that children facing challenges can reach their full and unique potential.

– Teach parents to be advocates for their child

– Provide financial assistance for therapy

– Be a resource for parents to obtain information to assist their children with special needs