Music Therapy in Your School

Using music to address IEP or classroom goals of children in special education.

Innovative Music Strategies

Your students will experience a wide variety of songs and music activities created to meet specfic IEP or classroom goals.


We have experience treating many different diagnoses including Autism, speech impairment,  intellectual disabilities and other health impairments.

Creative Collaboration

Collaboration with teachers, paraprofessionals, and therapists who work with your students helps us stay on the same page with a team oriented approach.


Goal Based

Music therapy can address a wide variety of developmental skills. We frequently help with communication, social, academic, emotional, and motor goals.

Wondering if music therapy is the right fit for your school?

Music therapy can add value to your programming by:

  1. Increasing work output and lowering frustration tolerance with new or difficult tasks.
  2. Broadening overall attending skills of students.
  3. Making significant progress toward IEP or classroom objectives.
  4. Growing social skills and quality of interaction with peers.
  5. Increasing parent happiness.
  6. Multiplying perceived value of your school or district.

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