Spring Week 1

Hello Everyone! It was very exciting to meet everyone on our first Saturday morning together! On this page, you will find the songs that we sang and played during week 1. If there is a specific skill that you would like to see addressed during group, you can email me – Samantha@soundstartsmusic.com – at anytime.

Hello Song

This is the greeting song we will be using every week. It gives an opportunity for transition to start music as well as an opportunity to socialize with peers.

HEART Spelling

Heart Spelling

It’s Valentine’s week! Many of our activities from today are centered around Valentine’s, hearts, and love!

The Ballad of Valentine

The Ballad of Valentine

This story piggybacks off of “Clementine”. An easy read and an easy song makes this a fun, loving story! Try using familiar songs to piggyback a bedtime story at home.

Do you know My Valentine?

Fun easy song encouraging friends to listen and look!

“All My Loving”

All my Loving – Beatles

Who doesn’t love the Beatles!? Play along using drums or pots at home.


A parachute makes for a fun and active activity involving parents and children. Who wouldn’t want to lay underneath?? An familiar song was used to encourage participation from all members.


See everyone next week!