Spring Week 2

Welcome back! Glad to see everyone could make it today! Todays theme is centered around President’s Day. There are many holidays in February it’s amazing!


Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle

Fun children’s song used to drum along with.

President Match

Presidents Match

Piggybacking a familiar tune (Battle Hymn of the Republic), this activity encourages participation in matching as well as practicing turn taking and waiting when it is another friends turn.


You’re a Grand Old Flag

If you don’t have scarves to wave, small hand towels would suffice or whatever else you have on time.

Hail to the Cheif

Hail to the Chief

March along and do fun movements with this song as well as playing drums for when the President arrives!


Familiar song used to teach and practice identifying which President is on which coin.


Parachutes on Amazon

Parachutes are too fun to pass up! If one is not available at home, a sheet or light blanket would work instead.


Happy President’s Day! See everyone next week!