Spring Week 4

Welcome back! It was great seeing the families again on Saturday and welcomed a newcomer with open arms. Thank you so much! This week’s theme was centered around St. Patrick’s Day. Early, but since we will be off the following week, I felt it would be appropriate!


Rhythm Instruments

Traditional Irish Jig Medley

Using sticks in group, we played along with Irish music to bring everyone into rhythm with each other as well as an individual before we danced. We tapped our rhythms sticks slow and fast and encouraged participation for the song duration. At home, you can use whatever is available to click together!

Irish Jig

Traditional Irish Jig Medley

Yes! We did an Irish jig! For those not present, I had discovered that the Irish were forbidden to dance at one point in history and so they came up with a way to continue dancing without being discovered. The Irish danced with only their lower bodies while keeping their upper body still so a passerby police officer could look in their window and didn’t know they were dancing! Of course our jig was simplified and we took simple steps in and out, marched, and walked in a circle.

Letter Matching

RainbowGame1 RainbowGame2 RainbowGame3 RainbowGame4 RainbowGame5RainbowGame6 RainbowGame7 RainbowGame8 RainbowGame9

(My variation of this activity) Pot of Gold Letters

With rainbows and pots of gold, this folder game matched lowercase letters to their capitals. This can be a two-step process to identify first the lowercase letter THEN matching it to it’s capital.


With a mix of instruments, we played along to a favorite song of mine from P.S. I Love You. Lyrics were adjust during the group to encourage participation, volume levels and tempo/speed.


Using a folk song, we had fun using the parachute to dance under, around and with! Shamrocks were added to try and encourage everyone to keep them on the parachute or to collect them as they fell off. Great arm exercises moms!


See everyone in 2 weeks! Happy Spring Break!