Spring Week 6

This was our final week! Bitter sweet day as we wrap up our final group session for this period. Today we embrace an Easter theme with bunnies and eggs!



Egg Shakers

With this instrument activity, we groove with egg shakers! You can make these at home with some left over Easter eggs and fill them with dried beans. Make sure to tape them shut! Some websites and creators use rice but I find it seeps through the small holes. You can always try other tiny items and discover the different sounds they may make!


What’s Easter without a bunny! We danced to a bunny version of the Hokey Pokey and had fun shaking our bunny tails!


Our faces show many emotions demonstrating how we may feel. With this activity, cards were taped to a ball that was rolled around. When the music stopped, the ball holder selected a card and identified whether it was a happy, sad or silly face. Once decided, we had to make our own version of a happy, sad or silly face!


This book had a bunny puppet attached that created a lot of fun for our friends. Snuggle Bunny was a delightful book shared with our friends today as he got ready for bed!


This activity sorted 3 different kinds of decorated eggs: striped, polka dot and zig zag. Each one was colored differently but made it a new challenge to sort the eggs into their proper baskets.


We sang Little Bunny Foo Foo as he hopped through the forest. I wonder what happened to Little Bunny Foo Foo in the end…


I had a blast with everyone this 6 week period! I am hoping to see familiar and new faces when we start up again!