Today’s project was to come up with a song to succinctly explain the concept of a verb.  My client has tackled “nouns,” and it is time to move on.  I don’t like to reinvent the wheel but a quick YouTube and Google search did not turn up any songs that I felt would work for my client by keeping the ideas simple and relevant.  So to the drawing board….literally.


My drafts of a new song always look this messy, but hey this process works for me!

The final product focused on the simple definition of a verb and then used examples relevant to my student’s interests.

I don’t have recording equipment (work in progress!) so the iPhone voice recorder will have to make due since I would really like to share the tune.  I am looking forward to trying this song out tomorrow.  Clink the link to listen. The lyrics are below.  Enjoy!

What is a Verb

What is a verb ? (What is a verb?)

It’s an action word. (It’s an action word.)

The things you do. (The things you do.)

The things you do are verbs!

What can I do? (What can I do?)

I can sing with Mary, sing, sing.

I can play guitar, play, play.

The things I do are verbs.