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Both of my children have been attending Sounds Start Music, with Mary Altom. My oldest child, now almost nine years old has been going to “music lessons” for over two years. He has special needs due to a rare form of epilepsy. Ms. Mary has taught him how to enjoy and love music once again. He is now playing some basic piano and looks forward to going every week! As a mother of a child with some extra needs, it is wonderful to have an option for him to learn and explore music through an appropriate loving and supportive environment. My youngest child who will soon be four years old also has music therapy with Ms. Mary. He has language delay’s and apraxia associated with the autism spectrum. He has really enjoyed music therapy! And has grown so much! Before music with Ms. Mary he was not singing or dancing. He did not seem to respond to music. He is now singing, swinging to music and verbally asking for his favorite songs and music time activities! For our children and family, music therapy had been a huge part of continued development and cognition improvement. We are very thankful, and SO thrilled to have this important piece in our lives of our special kiddos!

the Forsyth Family

Sound Starts Music is like one of our happy places. We knew that music would make a difference to our 7yr old happy go lucky Aspie boy. But at the same time we also knew that a music class could not be just a ‘music class’ . We knew that someone had to to bring out this skill in him understanding his situation and with love and care. When we were on the ‘hunt’ for the right fit for our son, someone (and loads of thnx to them) suggested Sound Starts Music. I met Ms. Mary first and instantly there was a connection. I knew that my son would react the same happy way as I felt. And he did just that. Ms. Mary is very kind, patient, creative and very very good. My son today not just learns music, but also enjoys it. A big THANKS to Ms Mary and Sound Starts Music for making learning such a pleasant experience.


We are so fortunate to have found Sounds Starts for our precious daughter.  Since she is non-verbal, we wanted to provide her an opportunity for her to express herself, communicate and thrive in a environment she enjoys and we think her music therapy sessions accomplish just that.  Samantha is wonderful and so patient in working with her and we feel that our daughter’s natural affection for music keeps growing ever since Samantha started working with her!  Thank you so much!


We have been taking music lessons from Miss Mary for 3.5 years – starting when my daughter was just 2.5 years old! I truly believe that lessons with Miss Mary have helped my daughter in so many ways beyond just music; including the development of her diction and inflection, learning colors (in English and Spanish), rhythm, learning how to concentrate and focus on a specific task, and countless other things! Sofia sings non-stop, will go over to our piano at home and play by herself, and loves thinking of songs to ask Miss Mary to sing with her or teach her how to play. Miss Mary really strives to find out what you want your child to get out of music lessons, figures out how your child learns most effectively, and also gauges your child’s mood each lesson and adjusts her teaching style accordingly!
Can’t say enough – simply that we will keep taking lessons from Miss Mary, and recommending her to anyone we know that expresses interested in music or music therapy!

My son has always been an anxious child; easily overwhelmed, overstimulated, and frustrated. He has, however, always displayed a love for music. When we first decided to encourage that love and brought him to Samantha, we were awed and impressed by how easily he took to her. He loved her kind, patient, and calm demeanor. He was responsive and confident, and he was eager to do everything from strumming the guitar and singing silly songs to learning to play with piano with colorful stars and an orange tube of scented bubbles! Our son has grown so much; not only musically, but emotionally. Music therapy and piano lessons have truly changed our world!

Anonymous Parent

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