Singable Books all about Transportation

One of my favorite ways to work on skills while keeping my clients attentive and engaged is to use a singable story. Singable stories typically have fun and engaging pictures, catchy melodies, and repetitive lyrics.  Many come with a cd or you can easily look up a YouTube video to listen to the music.  This makes it very easy for parents, teachers, and other therapists who might not be quite as comfortable using their voice to also use these materials!

Cars, trucks, trains are a favorite topic among many of my clients! Here are my favorites all about transportation. I have used every single one in sessions with great success.  They are all tried and true!

Down by the Station

photo 1

Skills: imitating sounds, labeling zoo animals, remembering a sequence (challenge increases as the book progresses),  answering “wh” questions about the illustrations

Author: Will Hillenbrand

Music: melody is notated on the last page or listen here. Note – this link does not have the exact book/song.  The melodies are the same though!

We All Go Traveling By

photo 2

Skills: labeling vehicles, vehicle sounds, remembering a sequence, using adjective + noun combinations (ex. purple shoes or fast orange car)

Author: Sheena Roberts (Barefoot Books)

Music: comes with a cd or listen here

Going on a Train

photo 3

Skills: verbalizing repetitive phrases, sequencing story events, imitating sounds

Author: Pamela Ott

Music: comes with a cd – order at

Journey Home from Grandpa’s

photo 2 (2)

Skills: labeling types of vehicles, LOTS of verbalizing adjective + noun combinations, singing repetitive phrases, identifying colors

Author: Jemima Lumley, Sophie Fatus, & Fred Penner (Barefoot Books)

Music: comes with a cd or listen here

Magic Train Ride

photo 3 (2)

Skills: identifying various landscapes (jungle, ocean, etc.), fast/slow, encouraging imaginative thinking, singing repetitive phrases

Author: Sally Crabtree (Barefoot Books)

Music: comes with a cd or listen here

Wheels on the Bus

photo 1 (2)

Skills: repetitive phrases, movement imitation, sequencing, answering “wh” questions about the illustrations

Author: Raffi

Music: melody notated on the last page or listen here

What are your favorite books or songs all about transportation? I would love to expand my repertoire! Leave a comment and let me know.